April Fools Wedding Tips


Hey all my Perfectly Planned,

It’s April 1, 2014 but it’s all truths being shared here today to prepare you for your big day so no worries!

I work with so many couples and many times I see the same issues arise so I want to share these tidbits with you to save you some time and stress.

1. Read your Contracts. I know that contracts are long and wordy, ok let’s be honest they are boring and there is nothing glamorous about them, but the truth of the matter is this is what your agreeing to and what your hired wedding professionals have agreed to, so before signing it actually make sure you agree and there is nothing wrong with saying ” what does this mean” or ” I’m not comfortable with that”

2. Confirm your wedding vendors! I’m not talking checking the contract here, I’m talking actually having a conversation with them a couple weeks prior and then again the day before to review what is being provided to make certain there are no oversights and errors because after all your wedding pros are human and mistakes can happen.

3. Be Nice. It’s so easy to get frustrated during those last weeks. You feel overwhelmed and you feel as though everything is coming to a head and all you want to do is get married already. We know how frustrating that can feel but know and understand that all everyone wants is for your wedding day to be exactly as you envisioned it, a fairytale. So treat your family, friends, and your trusted wedding professionals with respect and show them that southern charm so everyone can rest easy knowing that you have kept your cool and your wedding day will come together flawlessly.

Still a little uneasy with those important day of wedding details? We have exclusive coordination suite to meet every need. Schedule your complimentary consultation today 423-521-2349 or visit us at http://www.adiyaffairweddingsandevents.com

Be Perfectly Planned,



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