Not your run of the mill Wedding Coordinator

Hey brides, grooms, M.O.B’s ( this is wedding coordinator lingo, I am not using swear words I promise , it stands for Mother of the Bride) and Maids.

So I think I need to come clean and tell you a little bit more about my style of coordinating before you ever think about picking of the phone and giving me and my best buds a.k.a. my wedding assistants Kimberly and Nicole a call.

bride and coordinator

Here are 5 truths about us:

1. We don’t want to plan your wedding! We are a wedding coordination boutique. Which means were locally owned and operated. You will meet with the owner , which is yours truly also known as Shaun Cox, I will be at your wedding and I will bust my butt to make sure you have the best wedding day ever but I am not going to sit down with you pick your wedding colors, tell you what food to serve your guests or any of that detailed sort of stuff. My ideal client knows exactly what she or he wants from beginning to end hands down and they don’t need to pay someone for that!

2. We are not going to show up on your wedding day and make magic happen! In fact we start making the magic happen two months before your wedding day  by building relationships with your vendors, learning the in’s and out’s of all your hard core planning that you have been slaving over for the past 6 months -to a year to ensure that on the day of your wedding  everything is handle expertly from beginning to end.

3. We are not going to be watching the clock!  It is your wedding day and just because the coordination suite you contracted us for states that we will be onsite on the day of your wedding for x amount of hours does not mean when that hour strikes were running for the door. We are not leaving until all is said and done and our team has ensured that your venue is left according to specified and everything is returned to it’s rightful place and guess what? Your not even going to be nickeled and dimed for us taking the extra time needed to do that.

4. We are NOT afraid! It  is going to take a lot more to run us off at your complimentary consultation than you letting me know you have a lesbian bff, a crazy uncle who just got out of jail, a brother who is in an interracial relationship,  and a mother in law to be that you can’t stand! It is 2013 and there is no such thing as a normal or “traditional family” and trust me we have this same unique situations in our family too. We don’t care about your family dynamic, we care about ensuring you have the best wedding day ever.

5. If our truths 1-4 offended you in the least bit , we probably wouldn’t make a good working team anyway! I have been described as down to earth and easy to talk with and I am all those things but if we don’t have the same similar views in terms of being open minded & accepting and placing a high value on having a well thought out and organized wedding day then were probably not going to make a good duo.  I promise to always keep it 100% real with my clients and if something is bothering them then they have to feel comfortable enough to come and talk to me about it so we can fix it together . So I always tell people after they meet with me, go schedule a consultation with another coordinator if you need to because it has to be a good fit for all involved.

Are your ready to have the most Perfectly Planned Day of your life?

Call me now 423-521-2349 We would love to coordinate your Cleveland or Chattanooga Tennessee Wedding. Visit our website at to learn more about us and our services.


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