Ten Things I Never Told Anyone About Me Until Now

In my role as a wedding consultant I find myself putting everything out there for my clients, being totally forthcoming and honest with them regarding their wedding planning needs, and even offering advice, or just an listening ear when need be. You know it takes a special person for people to be willing to take advice from or even open up to and share those personal intimacies that sometimes families and couples face during their wedding planning journey.

I am that special person, and here are Ten things that are really SPECIAL about me:

1. I fell off the shuttle bus in my  early twenties.

2. I have a dog named after a designer…… Louis Vuitton

3. My name Shaun is really my middle name.

4. I was never allowed to eat candy in the presence of my mom until I was 15

5. I got my first cavity at 15

6. My favorite flavor ice cream is mint chocolate chip.

7. I have a supreme need for speed, that is why when I drive on the interstate I am always looking in the rear view mirror!

8. I have a God daughter that has a celebrity name ……….Jolie, Angelina Jolie ,  What can I say were just fabulous!

9. I once slept in a car overnight with two of my best friends because we had missed curfew…..who has a curfew and they don’t live at home anymore anyways? Kinda weird I know.

10. I was once eating an apple and my tooth fell out…………. I wasn’t a kid.

* Bonus I have a Master Degree in Education from a University in Iowa

ImageShaun Cox is the Owner and Senior Wedding Consultant of A D.I.Y. Affair Weddings and Events, based in Cleveland /Chattanooga Tennessee. To learn more about Chattanooga’s Exclusive Wedding and Event Coordination Boutique visit http://www.adiyaffairweddingsandevents.com/

” Wedding Coordination for the Perfectly Planned”


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One thought on “Ten Things I Never Told Anyone About Me Until Now

  1. Good to know. And the moral here… listen to your mother. 🙂

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