Your Bestfriend: The Wedding Planner ; Chattanooga Edition

You use the same lingo, have some of the same views on the way the you see the world and those things you do not agree on you kindly agree to disagree. You both know when it is ok to press an issue and those which neither of you would never even entertain. From the moment you first met it was something about how you were able to make sense of what is important to one another from the moment you sat down to talk that gave you the confidence that this would be one relationship that would forever change the way you view your life when you look back on this moment….

No I am not talking about your bestfriend, I am talking about your wedding planner and although she may not be your bestfriend she will certainly understand your concerns, advocate for your needs , and most certainly have your back on your wedding day.



Go with your gut

–         You will work with your wedding planner or coordinator anywhere from two months to a year or more. Do not second guess yourself, do not choose your planner based on price, choose based on the feeling you get that this person understands you and your vision.

I see your true colors shining through.

Be yourself during the consultation  and get the planner to be themselves in the initial consultation. Ask them about their company philosophy. Ask them what is most important to them in executing the clients vision.  My clients know that when the hire me, that they are working with a wedding consultant  who warmly and openly embraces diversity ,they know that I am going to be frank and candid about educating them on the wedding industry  and helping them to make informed choices for their wedding day, and they know that most importantly their wedding day is about them being true to themselves not the latest trends.Image

Finally, your planner SHOULD BE something like your bestfriend, having a planner that you just don’t mesh well with is like being a kid again having to spend the night at your mom’s friends daughter house just because your mom made you . Your an adult now and your in control don’t stick yourself in an uncomfortable situation . Keep wondering the wedding planning playground until you find your perfect fit.

Are you still in searching the wedding planning playground for your  Wedding Coordinator? Want to see if we would be a good match?  Read my interview with a Bride to learn more about me

  • or Call me now 423-521-2349  to set up a “Get Acquainted” consultation.

Be Perfectly Planned,


A D.I.Y. Affair Wedding and Events Wedding Coordination Boutique

Chattanooga, Tennessee


“Wedding Coordination for the Perfectly Planned”

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