Your Wedding Reception: Staging a Dessert Buffet


So you want to add a fun whimsy element that will get guests engaged and talking long after the wedding is over? Well not only let them eat cake, but let them swoon over a beautiful tasty display of assorted dessert treats.


One of the first things you should decide is if you want your dessert buffet to color coordinate with your wedding colors or not. By color coordinating your dessert buffet it can add an element of drama but a more subtle dessert buffet that is not color coordinated will still speak to the masses.


Next you will want to choose your linens and any other decorative items you may wish to incorporate into your dessert buffet. You may wish to add candles to create a romantic ambiance or a small table lamp to add lighting to the table if the reception room is dimly lit. Vases of flowers and clear strings of lights also add to create a soft yet simple feel to your dessert buffet.

How you display your dessert if 90% of what is going to make your dessert buffet simply fabulous. Choose a variety of serving dishes, some large, others small. Some may be clear , such as glass, while other containers may be ceramic. Also consider containers that are not typically used for serving foods , the opportunities are endless. If you wish to have a color coordinated dessert buffet you may wish to incorporate the repeat use of color into your containers, this can easily be achieved by painting containers all the same color for a cohesive look!


Adding patterned paper to the base of trays and plates is also another great and inexpensive way to add a pop of color to your dessert bar! Also don’t forget your backdrop. Where you display your dessert buffet is very important a blank white wall can be the perfect backdrop for a modern dessert buffet , other options can incorporate your favorite wrapping paper or fabrics!

Next display your dessert onto your containers and serving dishes , try to mix up different types of dessert so that the texture and types are varied in your display to make them appealing to the eye.


Finishing touches go a long way. Signage is key. Your guests will love that you were thoughtful enough to label your desserts with signage, so they know exactly what they are getting beneath that yummy flaky pie crust. Also adding signage with a fun message adds to the overall nostaglia of it all. ” Our love is sweet, so have a treat”

Finally add your desserts, plates ,and flatware and your dessert bar is ready to go!

Your guests are going to go bananas in aw of this sweet dessert buffet.

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Perfectly Planned,


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