Wedding Videographer, Yay or Nay


Like many couples, you and your fiance have probably already arrived at the place where you are discussing the budget and going over those things that are most important to each of you in terms of those must have items for your wedding day.

Many times your budget is a huge factor in determining what you can and can not have on your wedding day. There are some items in which you shouldn’t let your budget be the determining factor for the final decision you make and VIDEOGRAPHY is one of them.

If you are a couple that really want to capture a feeling more so than any look, and really crave a ceremony that is meaningful to the uniqueness of the love story that has brought you to where you are today then those things on the top of your list should be photography and VIDEOGRAPHY.


I always tell my couples to never skimp on photography because as time passes those memories captured in pictures will be some of the only memories you have but by choosing to hire a videographer for your wedding you can relive your wedding day over and over again.

So many times I sit with my spouse or married friends and as we discuss our weddings there are so many moments that we realized that took place that we weren’t even aware of because of the inability to be at every unique moment in time as they occured but with the help of a professional videographer and their team of assistants these moments can be captured forever.


Remember if the feeling and memory of your wedding day is more important than any silk linen, or coordinating centerpiece then placing the need of a Videographer high up on your priority list is a wise move!

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