Hello 2013, Hello New Wedding Ideas


Wow it is a new year and I could not be more excited for what the year will bring concerning all things weddings!

I am certain that we will see a lot of the color emerald for the 2013 wedding season, as Pantone announced Emerald as the color of the year. This is fabulous news to my ears as my birthstone is the beautiful Emerald. Emerald is not the only green that will debut in 2013. The color mint is sure to be a scene stealer as well as the cool hue pairs nicely with a combination of color options from warm spring and summer pairings such as coral and lemon, but also makes a great fall sidekick to colors like chocolate and pumpkin! All this talk of 2013 wedding colors is making me hungry for a snack !!!


Which reminds me, that food is still going to be a really important element into planning your wedding in 2013. 2012 really got guests excited to receive wedding invitations in the mail last year because couples really went the distance with fun in corporations such as dessert buffets, cupcake towers, candy bars, fun serve self food stations such as taco bars and late night food truck delivery fanfare. 2013 will be a year to be even more creative, by incorporating your favorite food dishes and savory treats that you and your fiance enjoy the memories will be even more vivid and long-lasting.


Finally, remember to be true to you in every sense of the word and this includes your wedding day attire. As 2013 goes fast forward it is very savvy to wear attire that is not only symbolic of your special ceremony to take place but also embodies the essence of who you are. 2013 wedding attire is about you looking and feeling your best and the only way to achieve this is by creating a custom wedding day look!! Put away the magazine photos, and step inside your closet and get inspired by your everyday digs to create a wedding day look that makes you the shining star you are!

I hope your excited about your 2013 Wedding because I sure am !

See ya down the aisle,

Shaun Cox

A D.I.Y. Affair Weddings and Events

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