D.I.Y. Wedding Planning Tip : Developing a Cohesive Wedding Day Look

So you have opted to plan your own wedding! Great, but now you have no idea of where to start to create a complete wedding day look. Your in luck. I must share with you that there could not be better timing to planning your own wedding with all the online wedding blogs, overflow of bridal magazines and last but certainly not least the overwhelming super stardom of Pinterest.

This is all  good, but there takes a bit of know how to go from this

to this

5 tips for developing a cohesive wedding design:

1. Find an inspiration piece: It may be a pair of shoes like the ones above that I adored. It could be a decorative pillow, it could be a wedding cake from your local bakery , it could be a picture from a postcard, but you must be able to capture your inspiration piece in a way that you can carry it with you at all times. So you may need to take a picture with your camera phone or cut a picture from a magazine.

2. Begin to build around this inspiration piece. As mentioned above you want to always have it with you. When your planning you never know where you will be when you think you have spotted the perfect accompanying elements to create your look, so by having your inspiration piece with you , you will be able to gain a feel if the accompany pieces really support the look your going for. It will also steer you clear of purchasing things that do not mesh well and having a mis-match of hodge podge items.

3. Repeat elements. In order for a look to be cohesive you need to repeat elements such as colors , textures,shapes and objects that you will use in your design. As you can see above I repeated the color red throughout the design, as well as the hearts and brought the same glitter texture through the flower arrangement and the canvas sign on the pipe and drape.

4.Less is more. It is better to have 3 -4 power items or vignettes than to have 100 of those hodge podge $1.00 bin bargain bin items so spend your money wisely  and decorate spaces that count. Concentrate your design efforts where guest will actually be focusing their attention such as at the altar during the ceremony or the reception tables where guest will sit to eat dinner, rather than trying to decorate every doorway and aisle way in between the here and there.

5. Incorporate you and do what feels right. When in doubt if it makes you feel good you can never truly go wrong!

Happy Planning-Shaun

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One thought on “D.I.Y. Wedding Planning Tip : Developing a Cohesive Wedding Day Look

  1. I love this post. Many people I think don’t quite understand some of the great pointers you have provided. Another key element would be to use all your paper goods to infuse that theme throughout!

    Well done!

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