The Life of a Planner

Life gets pretty busy when you’re having fun and I try to live a pretty fun life. I wanted to take a little time out to just let everyone know what this southern gal has been up to !

This quarter has been quite eventful for us here at A D.I.Y. Affair Weddings and Events. We participated in a couple bridal events ,The Ultimate Affair Bridal Event and The Belk Engagement Party for our local Belks store in Cleveland, Tennessee. These types of events are always fun because I just love meeting newly engaged couples and learning about their wedding plans. Each couples vision for their big day is always so different no matter even if they are the same season or even the same date!

Here is a snapshot of our table display for each event

The Ultimate Affair Bridal Event

The Belk Engagement Party

We also had a big bang of a time planning a Carnival Theme Party just last month which was a lot of work but also a lot of fun!

So what in the world do I do with my time when I am not actually physically planning or coordinating a wedding or event?

Well a lot! If I do not have an event I still have a lot of other responsibilities that lead up to an event. For example I am currently in the process of attending many meetings with other businesses and community leaders all for the orchestration of an event I am sponsoring next month.

I am also spending a lot of time researching venues for future seminar offerings I am excited to be able to offer area couples taking on the challenge of planning their own wedding. So the list goes on and on and I didn’t even mention the administrative side of things which is paperwork , data entry, invoices and all that other jazz.

So What is next in the upcoming months. This month I am happy to say I am planning my own One Year Anniversary Party so that is a lot of Fun. October we have the mass commitment ceremony were sponsoring. November I am happy to say I am going on a mini vacation to Florida! More Fun . Plus Thanksgiving is always so much fun because of the good food you get to eat so I have intentionally not scheduled any events in November although I may have a small little something up my sleeve so stay tuned! December  we are doing a wedding ceremony at Lee Chapel. Really excited about that . The Chapel is brand new so I will have to share lots of pictures.

So you easily see how quickly life as a wedding planner can become really busy. Oh and I almost forgot to mention , I am in graduate school for My Masters in Education and I am so excited to announce I will be finished next month in October OMG FUN TIMES.

and I didn’t even mention how I LOVE being a wife and my love of chocolate and my furry animal child Louis .So yeah when I sum up my life I can say it is definitely fun and it all comes with lots of hard work but it is well worth it to find that work life balance and live your dreams.

Perfectly Planned- Shaun

If your interested in being able to get your unique event scheduled on our calendar for 2013 we would love to hear all about it and be the supportive team you need to make your unique wedding day dreams a reality, to learn more about our services and the way we create unique weddings and events in your own personal style click here :

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