Rule of 3 :Budget Parties at Home

Are you a socialite? Maybe you are maybe you ain’t! lol I will show you how you can be with my quick rule of 3

First you need three things to have a great party: Food , Friends, and Ambiance!

Yes, in order to be a socialite you must have all three.


If you don’t have any friends business associates, family members or neighbors will also work too 🙂 but who are we kidding we know you have tons of friends . Okay enough bragging, let’s get back to it. The best part about this is people will come for free! lol lol

On a serious note give your friends enough notice. You don’t want your party to be a flop because your missing one of the elements of my rule of 3. Only you know your friends best so you will know if they will need a months notice or a quick week notice phone call or email blast. Notice I skipped a formal written invite. This is a money saver strategic move. For impromptu home parties put the bulk of your money where your mouth is which leads us on to the next rule…………..


Keep it light and simple. It is a party, which is intended to be a social element for people to gather, talk and hangout. Foods should be easy for people to stand and walk with while mingling.You don’t want to over stuff them for your party to end with overnight party pooper guest.

Think light: chips, crackers, dips, cheeses, fruits

Think bite size: chicken poppers, tortilla triangles, mini spring rolls

Think sweet and salty. satisfy all food cravers!

Think 3: Three food choices is plenty.

Quick Sample menu

#1 Chips & Spinach Dip, spring rolls  and strawberry shortcake

#2 Humus & Crackers, Corn Salad and Yogurt Mousse

#3 grilled chicken bites, chips and salsa and apple pie shooters

By having just 3 choices you’re keeping your grocery shopping budget down. People tend to overspend in the grocery for parties because they go with out a plan and think they must have a buffet of mis-matched foods to have a good party………wrong! Follow my tips above and leave the grocery store winning.


Think about the feel you want to give your guest at your party. Do you want it to be fun and upbeat? If so turn on the music and gather all your colorful and fun serving dishes you have in the pantry and put it on display. This brings me to a big point. Use what you have on hand but don’t use metal tin foil pans from the dollar store. ……………….or any store for that matter. That really isn’t exuding socialite at all.

Maybe you want it to be intimate with just a few of your closest gal pals. Light some tea lightS, through a cloth over the living room coffee table of your favorite fabric or spare linen that you have. Find all the spare pillows in your house and gather them on the floor around the table and you have intimate Indian dining in your living room.

Parties at home are about the experience and the memories that will be made not about how much was spent. You notice in my rule of 3 your only spending money in one area , which is for your food cost but by sticking to 3 choices your going to further reduce even your food cost.

I hope you have the best social shindig that $50 bucks at your grocery can buy and make lifelong memories with your friends

Perfectly Planned-Shaun

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