Carnival Bash

We had so much fun this weekend to see all our hard work planning this 5th carnival theme party for an amazing little boy.

The inspiration behind this design came from a childhood memory of my own growing up eating Barnums animal cracker cookies that came in a little cardboard paper box with a string handle.


In my vision I could remember the bold blue, yellow and red hues just like it was yesterday. This was the perfect inspiration for my vision.

Take a look at how it all came together.


This party was big enough to capture any child’s heart no matter the age young or old alike had an amazing time. The party was complete with a velcro blowup wall, towering waterslide  , dunk tank complete with haggling dunkee, shelled roasted peanuts, caramel apples, pepperoni and cheese pizza, oven roasted hotdogs, all the carnival food stations you can imagine. Yes there were snow cones , cotton candy and a popcorn machine popping fresh popcorn and I almost forget to mention the surplus of sugar overload which I stuffed into those cute little treat bags!

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event


This party was a pure delight to plan and execute. I repeatedly kept hearing the guests rave about how great the party was and how there was nothing that was overlooked. When I do parties or any kind of special event this is exactly how I like to do them. There will be no element that is overlooked, it will always be a complete story to be told. Go hard or go home right?

So you may be wondering how we were able to pull all the details together to bring this theme to life. I must admit it was a lot of planning to go into this party so we had to delegate some task out. Our preferred stationery designer Sage and Time Designs were able to hear our vision and completely create a custom Party Parcel for us complete with welcome sign , gift card tags, food place card labels, napkin rings, invitations and favor bags( which we embellished a little by adding a fun ribbon ticket handle for ease of use) .

Also  another  important element when planning any event whether you hire a planner or you do it yourself is to allow enough time. Do not wait to the last-minute. As a professional I do not take any event on less than two months out. You need to allow yourself enough time to consider everything from creation of decor elements to availability of items that may need to be ordered and shipped.

Cleveland and Chattanooga area parents are you completely in aw of this bold fun Carnival Bash? Are you ready to begin the planning process for  your child’s birthday? Maybe you want a bash of your own for your upcoming special event. Your vision of the perfect party is only a phone call away 423-521-2349 or visit us online

Happy Planning-Shaun

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One thought on “Carnival Bash

  1. This looks so awesome! The colors, the brightness, the whole theme.

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