The Results Are In: The Design or Bust Handcrafted Centerpiece Challenge Winner

The old saying is “everything that glitters ain’t gold” well this is true, but everything that glitters is glamorous !

Glitz and Glamour Design or Bust Handcrafted Centerpiece Winning Design

The Design or Bust Handcrafted centerpiece challenge results are in and the response was unanimous that wedding planner #2 , Courtney Thornton Fontenot owner and Planning Consultant of Alpha Prosperity Events of Houston, Texas was not only an expert in being resourceful and incorporating the concept of reuse, repurpose, and recycle but also has a keen flair in recognizing what brides in today’s wedding industry desires!

Courtney’s Design or Bust Handcrafted Centerpiece Design theme was Glitz and Glamour . The design incorporated glass elements which beautifully picks up the reflection of candle light in an intimate dining environment like that of an evening reception. She also incorporated touches of shimmer and sparkle which provides an ambiance of elegance and luxury that any bride can appreciate. Also by incorporating mirrors into a design smaller spaces can look more opulent and grand in the over scheme of wedding design plans.

One of Courtney’s favorite quotes  is “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” by Leonardo Da Vinci and it surely speaks through her designs.

While this challenge limited planners to only utilizing resources they had on hand in their home studios by completely restricting them from purchasing anything to create their designs Courtney’s company  Alpha Prosperity Events is known for their superb talent in being able to be resourceful and work with couples and individuals who want personalized service without breaking the bank.

A Sampling of what Alpha Prosperity Events can do for your wedding day!

In contacting Courtney of Alpha Prosperity Events to notify her of her Design or Bust Handcrafted Centerpiece Challenge Win she was truly excited and had this advice to offer all couples planning their special wedding day “Don’t do anything to impress others. When you plan or do anything from your real desire, heart and passion, others will see your signature all over it and love it as much as you do.”

If sophistication and glamour is your desire for your wedding day contact Alpha Prosperity Events today!!/AlphaProsperity

If you didn’t get the privilege of following along in this challenge you surely missed a great deal of anticipation and fun but you can visit the links below for a re-cap of the wedding planners journey to get to the finale!

Sneak Peek :

Now Starring:

Also be sure to visit Rare Occasions Inc, which was our second place winner for the beautiful Old World Tuscany Design by Owner Samantha Johnson of Bloomfield , NJ

Your Budget Savvy Wedding Planner hosted the Design or Bust Handcrafted Centerpiece Challenge submitting Nature’s Romance Story wedding design # 3 . As always I am available as your go to resource for all thing wedding planning in the Chattanooga and Cleveland Tennessee area. If you are ready to set up your free chat and chocolates consultation to discover resourceful ideas for your unique wedding Click Here

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4 thoughts on “The Results Are In: The Design or Bust Handcrafted Centerpiece Challenge Winner

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    We didn’t win, but we still had fun designing and love what we did! Congratulations to the winner!

  2. Congratulations Courtney!

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