Now Starring:Design or Bust Handcrafted Wedding Centerpiece Designs

If you have been following along this week you know we are excited to host the Design or Bust Handcrafted Wedding Centerpiece Challenge.

For those of you who have been busy planning unique and personalized weddings and events of your own we will give you a pass this week for a free recap.

So what is the Handcrafted Design or Bust Wedding Centerpiece Challenge?

The wedding planners challenge was to create a wedding centerpiece only using items that were readily available to them in their home studios. They were not allowed to go out and purchase any of the typical items they would normally have at their disposal such as rental items, services of a professional florist , or the budget to purchase  items they would need if they were designing a centerpiece for the traditional client.

The primary goal for the design challenge was to test  industry wedding planners creativity to think outside the box and  to reuse, recycle and repurpose to show couples planning their wedding how they too with a little creativity can also make use of items they already have on hand.

Fast Forward Lets bring on the Designs

Wedding Planner #1 Old World Tuscany

Inspiration Behind The Design: “After looking through my home, I just came across this broken candle holder(the long one in the middle) and two potpourri holders. I played around with a black and white heme. Then, I see the two jars of peppers! Yes those are real sliced up peppers in a jar of vinegar and oil. I loved the old world, Italian feel they gave off! Then I just needed something to amp it up. I didn’t want flowers, I wanted to step out the box. So I went and got the bowl of fake grapes off the coffee table. Draped them nicely, added candles on top of wine glasses and voila! Old World Tuscany. I believe they would have used what they had around and what they love to do to decorate their family table. I think it conveys my concept and I love it!”

Materials: wine glasses, assorted candles, unique pottery, candle sticks, fresh or faux grapes, canned or fresh peppers and herbs.




Wedding Planner #2 Glitz and Glamour

Inspiration Behind The Design – “Adding sparkle and shine to anything adds luxury and richness. So I thought about just adding sparkle to a large piece to make it pop. This centerpiece took approximately 1.5 hours to complete, with the largest amount of time spent hot gluing the bling wrap to the frame of the mirror and to the recycled square bottles. “
Materials used – wardrobe mirror, bling wrap, two square bottles (Pottery Barn oil diffuser bottles), glue gun, glue sticks, 10 in square vase, small votive holder,  ribbon, plastic cake/dessert plate, broaches and bracelets (my jewelry box), bling ring key chain, silk floral ball, silk flower, glass rocks, diamond decor, submersible lights.
Wedding Planner # 3 Nature’s Romance Story
Inspiration Behind The Design: ” Summer thunderstorms made it easy to find inspiration right outside my back door. Gathering fallen branches from my backyard inspired me to keep my design true to the earth. Using newspaper and coffee filters with my tree branches I felt like I was giving  life to the story of a tree. The wine bottles and candles just added a touch of romance to an already developed story”
Materials: tree branches, newspaper, coffee filters, wine bottles, modge podge glue, paint brushes, glue stick , glue gun scissors and candles.
So there you have it………… 3 Wedding Planners, 3 Unique Designs and only 1 Can be the Design or Bust Handcrafted Wedding Centerpiece Challenge Winner.
Which design do you feel embraced the concept of reuse, repurpose , recycle and thought outside the box? Which is your favorite overall design?
Wedding Planner # 1 Old World Tuscany
Wedding Planner #2 Glitz and Glamour
Wedding Planner # 3 Nature’s Romance Story 
Cast your vote by commenting on the blog post directly.
Happy Planning,
Your Budget Savvy Planner Shaun
For help planning your wedding incorporating the reuse, recycle , repurpose design concepts visits us online at to schedule a free chat and chocolate wedding planning consultation.
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22 thoughts on “Now Starring:Design or Bust Handcrafted Wedding Centerpiece Designs

  1. I love the Glitz and Glamour. They have my vote.

  2. All three designs are amazing and done fabulously well. My favorite is “Nature’s Romance Story” because of the budget friendly factor and simple elegance. So NRS has my vote. Great job everyone 🙂

  3. Old World Tuscany. I absolutely LOVE the idea of using nothing but grapes. Imagine a table of real grapes like this. Great idea and nice work!

  4. holly on said:

    I’ll go with glitz and glamour

  5. Natures Romance Story has won my heart!! I love the soft feel of it, yet edge due to the large branch!! I do love it!! 😀

    I think everyone did a FAB job and I love how each design is completely different. Kudos to all of you ladies!!!!

  6. Elisa on said:

    Maybe it’s my love of Tuscany (and my looking at vacation photos yesterday) but that one stole my heart!!! You ALL did an amazing job though! <3!

  7. S'Mone on said:

    I love the freshness & originality of “Old World Tuscany,” I’m reminiscent of my childhoods traditional family dinners 🙂 Classy!

  8. I love the Glitz and Glamour, since I love everything that blings!

  9. Tuscany has my vote! They are all pretty, but Tuscany for me.

  10. Jennifer on said:

    Im routine for: Number two Glitz and Glam love it!!!!

  11. Rachel on said:

    Glitz and glamour

  12. Porcha Davis on said:

    I vote for Glitz and Glamour

  13. Rachel on said:

    Nature’s Romance

  14. Kelli on said:

    I like them all. And each one would suit the perfect couple. My choice would be glitz and glamour……all about the sparkle.

  15. Toshi on said:


  16. I love planner # 2 design. Very elegant!!!!

  17. Regina on said:

    I really like the Glitz and Glamour as well. Very sexy and eye catching.

  18. Michelle gaines Jones on said:

    I love, love, love, wedding planner #2 glitz and glammer! Its really soft, and girly, and of course I love bling, gotta have some bling!!!

  19. I would have to say Planner #2 – Glitz & Glamour I love most things BLING!! 😉

  20. Reblogged this on Rare Occasions Wedding Blog and commented:
    We participated in a wedding centerpiece design contest! Can you guess which one we did?

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  22. My vote is Glitz and Glam.

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