Sneak Peek :Handcrafted Design or Bust Wedding Centerpiece Challenge

This week we will take you on the journey that  3 premier wedding planners embarked upon to challenge their creativity for design and be the ultimate push to tap into that  resourcefulness niche.


 Each of these three planners are innovative entrepeneurs who combined share many years of experience and knowledge in the wedding planning industry. They are active contributors in the community of wedding professionals and in the good spirit of fun came together from across the nation to take on the Handcrafted Design or Bust Wedding Centerpiece Challenge!


So what is the Handcrafted Design or Bust Wedding Centerpiece Challenge?

The wedding planners challenge was to create a wedding centerpiece only using items that were readily available to them in their home studios. They were not allowed to go out and purchase any of the typical items they would normally have at their disposal such as rental items, services of a professional florist , or the budget to purchase  items they would need if they were designing a centerpiece for the traditional client.

The primary goal for the design challenge was to test  industry wedding planners creativity to think outside the box and  to reuse, recycle and repurpose to show couples planning their wedding how they too with a little creativity can also make use of items they already have on hand.

Today you will see a sneak peek at only the materials that each wedding planner used to begin the process of their design.

Wedding Planner # 1



Wedding Planner # 2


Wedding Planner # 3


So what do you think each of these planners have up their sleeve for the wedding centerpiece challenge? Can you guess a theme for each of the designs? Which planner  are you pulling for to win, #1, #2, or #3 ? The planners would love to hear your feedback and support this week!!!!!!!!

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