Let there be Light: Chandeliers for Your Wedding

Nothing screams romance more than beautiful lights twinkling in the tranquility of the night sky. Since the first time I have laid my eyes on a chandelier I have been infatuated by the intricate details of the curves , the possibilities of the glitz and glam that can be customized with embellishments and lines that eloquently drape in the balance of an open space. Chandeliers make a strong presence, demanding attention from all those whom lay sight on it’s very existence, so if you are a couple that seeks out drama and romance for your wedding day then the edition of a chandelier may be the missing flavor that you have been after.


Chandeliers are available at your local wedding and events rental store or if you consider yourself to be crafty you can find an amazing deal on a chandelier at a local thrift store or yard sale. By sprucing up with a little spray paint in your wedding colors a second hand chandelier can quickly turn trash to treasure!

You can use your love of romance and drama to incorporate the chandelier into an elegant theme wooven throughout your wedding.

Look at this tiered wedding cake from The Cake Parlour of London


You can also customized your stationery in dripping diamond tiered chandeliers………


Materials and supplies to make this stationery can be found at Kaszazz.com , they specialize in stamps, and card making supplies perfect for the couple that loves all things “do it yourself”. Similiar card embellishments can also be found at craft stores such as JoAnn’s and Hobby Lobby in the scrapbooking department.

Tip: It is key to remember that all things worth quality takes time, so allow yourself time plenty of time to take on do it yourself projects.


(*Turtle Pond Photography* /Event Designer Unknown*)

It is quite easy to see how you can take inspiration from one thing you love and quickly develop it into a wedding theme. I hope that you have found inspiration in my take on drama and romance and may you find your added drenching of wedding thrist just around the next corner.

Happy Planning

Your Budget Savvy Planner -Shaun



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