Is a D.I.Y. Wedding right for Me?


There is a huge myth circulating that being a do it yourself bride or groom means doing everything yourself!  This is not what a D.I.Y. wedding is all about. This is probably your first time ever planning a big occassion such as the magnitude of a wedding. There are a lot of things you will have never encountered before such as reading over vendor contracts, knowing which vendors it may be okay to go with a more moderate choice over the more expensive one, and knowing if it is okay to skip the r.s.v.p cards in your invitations or if it is a must have and how it could potentially save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars.


D.I.Y. weddings are a perfect choice if you consider yourself to be artsy or creative and have a good number of hours to commit to orchestrating the design of the D.I.Y. elements you wish to incorporate. D.I.Y. doesn’t mean it should look cheap or like Aunt Sue did it for you because having a florist just wasn’t in the budget( which very well may be the case but everyone shouldn’t be able to tell that budget was an issue)  That is a definite no no. D.I.Y. weddings do allow you to take part in creating a celebration that is true to who you are as a couple and they can make special elements of the wedding even more meaningful because of the time and creativity put into it.

Areas to utilize the concept of D.I.Y.:

Guestbook creation

Table number design

flower girl basket

ring bearer pillow

guests favors

welcome table design

Decor elements of a unity candle/sand ceremony

Even when selecting special elements you want to do from the list above remember it takes time and skill to pull off quality. Only pick one or two things. Hiring a professional wedding planner/designer can take a lot of these things off your list and onto the list of a skilled professional.



Areas where you want to get the help of a professional wedding vendors or highly skilled friends or family:

Complete Wedding Planning/Design :for the look of your wedding to be completely flawless and your story to truly be told.

Budget Management: D.I.Y. couples can sometimes get off track picking up small items here and there and soon the wedding budget is completely depleated. Having the help of a professional to track spending makes a little go a long way!

Timeline Creation: a professional knows exactly how much time is needed for photographs , and what to do should the schedule fall behind where guests still think everything is right on track.

Catering /Food Elements: your concern shouldn’t be proper temperature of food and carrying the burden of sick wedding guests. Having a professionally insured caterer is best , plus they handle all the clean up!

Draping/Hanging of Chandeliers and Assembly of large equipment: climbing a ladder on your wedding day is a huge risk , leave it to the professionals to ensure equipment is properly setup and secure.

Live Band/DJ

Wedding Ettiquette ( Don’t depend on the advice of friends and family to know if something would be completely offensive or just plain rude)

Photgraphy/Videography:This is a once and a lifetime moment , do not let Uncle Andy be responsible for your wedding day pictures only to look back and wonder why majority of your pictures are of your best girlfriends from college!

Stationery: Your stationery from the save the dates to thank you notes shouldn’t be an ill considered afterthought but an overall compliment to the design of your wedding.

Wedding Coordination:You cannot get yourself down the aisle on time, know exactly where your wedding party is and be the go to regarding setup preparations for your wedding vendors. You are good, really good but not good enough to handle all the details without the stress to accompany it all!


I know it all seems like so much to take in and consider but with professional help all these elements can easily come together beautifully. Having vendors does not equal a huge finacial expense either! By having  the help of a wedding planner and being realistic and honest about your budget they already have the resources to know which vendors would be a good fit for your budget and also have ideas and suggestions for areas where you think there may not be any money left in the budget for certain elements.

As your budget savvy planner I love planning and coordinating weddings and that is why A D.I.Y. Affair weddings and Events has services to help couples from as low as $30.00 an hour for concierge services, perfect if you already have your highly skilled help on hand for the wedding day but need some wedding ettiquette advice or help assembling wedding favors. Plus our coordination services start at $250.00 for ceremony only . We have something for everyone! If you haven’t already done so  visit us on for the latest in wedding and event planning tips and money savers! To learn more about our other services or to book a free chat and chocolates consultation with yours truly, go to or call 423-521-2349(ADIY)

I hope now you can see how planning a D.I.Y. wedding can really help to make your special day unique and true to you, while at the same time leaving you stress free with the trusted help of your wedding day professionals.

Until Next time, watch your budget and plan beautifully,


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2 thoughts on “Is a D.I.Y. Wedding right for Me?

  1. Shaun–great post! We would love to have you blog for “I Do” DIY Expo, if you are interested! 🙂

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