New Stationery Offerings: Budget Doesn’t =Sacrifice

You all know that I usually write a blog post typically about once a week. Well the reason behind that is because I have to feel inspired to write ,and unlike designing weddings and planning events which I can do all day everyday in my sleep with my hands tied behind my back , writing just doesn’t come to me that easily. However, I can tell you that my inspiration today came in the form of a clear plastic bag ………….yes really a clear plastic bag and I am so excited to share the excitement with you.

So a little background information all weekend I had thought and contemplated about a certain package coming in the mail this week. I thought about how excited I was going to be to get this special package in the mail and when I say I thought about, I mean, I imagined in my mind how happy I would be. I imagined how big my smile would stretch across my face and how the excitement would make me so much more inspired to work in my studio. After all, anything that has the slightest connection to A D.I.Y Affair Weddings and Events makes me excited. Why wouldn’t it make me excited my wedding and events company is my dream and my passion? So let me get to it.

I arrived at the post office and rushed inside with anticipation that my package would be here today. (I’m not quite sure how I would have reacted if things didn’t play out in my favor, maybe a major breakdown in the post office lobby )  I opened my small mailbox and inside was a key to a larger mailbox. This confirmed that my package had indeed arrived. I opened the large mailbox and inside was a large yellow envelope from Brooklyn, New York. My handcrafted stationery samples from Sage and Time Designs had arrived.

The anticipation was over. I walked out to the car and opened the yellow envelope. Inside I found a clear plastic bag filled with vivid colors and varieties of textures just waiting to explode from inside the packaging but I couldn’t open the plastic bag. As excited as I was I couldn’t open the plastic bag in the post office parking lot while sitting behind the steering wheel of my car. Oh no, this moment deserved so much more. So I took the clear plastic bag and put it back in the yellow envelope to resist the temptation and drove 8 miles down the highway to A D.I.Y Affair Weddings and Events Studios. I hurried upstairs to the office and then I did it. I broke the seal on the clear plastic bag and I was so impressed with what I saw. Everything from the presentation of packaging to the stationery itself impressed me. The owner M. Shannon Hernandez had included several business cards, a nice welcoming letter explaining the products and services, and a fun to read color chart that I can use when meeting with clients to select color options before placing an order.

Next were the actual samples. They are beautiful to say the least. The way the stationery feels to the touch. I was able to imagine how a guest would feel receiving such beautiful stationery in the mail and how different this stationery was from what I had on the display shelves in the studio. This stationery spoke for itself. I can put it on display and it will speak for itself! That is exciting. To be honest I had never actually felt or received handcrafted stationery, but for me it is the new way to go and I am happy to work with clients in my market to share this beautiful craft with the Cleveland and Chattanooga Tennessee areas.

Look at these pictures I took of the stationery samples. I sat the stationery on top of different fabric samples that a client may select as a linen choice , napkins or chair sash so that you can see how quickly custom stationery paired with other design elements make for a complete look.

Did I say I was impressed, if I didn’t let me tell you……the stationery samples that were on display from a national retailer are no longer on display anymore. Digital vs. Handcrafted, see and feel the difference and you will understand.

  A D.I.Y. Affair is still committed to offering our clients variety within their budget but we will never sacrifice quality in order to do it. Our partnership with Sage and Time Designs enables our clients to have quality within their budget and were happy with the choice we have made to do business with this company.  Call us today to come feel the difference handcrafted stationery makes 423-521-2349.

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3 thoughts on “New Stationery Offerings: Budget Doesn’t =Sacrifice

  1. Linda on said:

    My goodness, Shannon, that article is a great tribute to you and your craft! I am very proud of you! And very impressed! Good luck!

  2. How do I contact the stationary company? I would welcome the opportunity to offer this stationary to P3 Weddings clients. Thanks Pearlice.

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