Tuxdeo Tuesday Presents: How to save on a Tuxedo

Okay, so you are stressing yourself out about what your groom/partner is going to be adorning in when you reach the end of the aisle on your big day. Well quite honestly your stressed about it because the budget is not going to allow you to have the funds to spend on renting one let alone purchasing one right! Okay well stop your worrying there are many options that the love of your life( with his/her fine and sexy self can wear).

Option 1

The Sunday’s Best- You know the one I am talking about, the one that is pulled out for Holidays and Special Celebrations all year long. Take that same suit, take it to the cleaner’s. Then dress it up with a new button down color coordinated shirt, tie and theme produced boutonniere and wha-laaa your knight in shining Armour awaits your arrival at the end of the aisle.


See pretty nice huh! I know right.


Option 2

Casual Laid Back Approach- admit it budget may not be the issue at all here, it may be that your love to be is not the tuxedo type.  Well if that is the case why force it if you don’t have too??? Here is a great budget saver and style saver. White button down shirt paired with khakis or tan dress slacks, shoes optional of course and coordinating tie ( if the tie is too much, ditch it too)! This is just not a look for the beach but can also work well in any outdoor wedding. If you want to dress it up and take it indoors pair it with a sportsman coat/blazer.


Option 3

Let their Personality shine- Don’t stress so much about budget and clothes the wedding is one day and the marriage is a lifetime. Let your groom/partner pick out what suits him/her best. This options will not only save arguments and the budget but will allow your wedding to reflect each of you as individuals coming together as one. Look at what this groom put together for himself, utilizing pieces already acquired your sure to save. Another option is to just rent the vest, and tie and provide your own pants , shirt and jackets. We did this for the ushers in my wedding.  Renting the vest and bow tie was only around $34.00 paired this with the guys own black pants and suit jackets and it worked perfectly as a budget option.Image

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